Second & Ten Mods
Dedicated to immersing you in football heaven...

Pro Helmets 1932-2016

(last updated January 17, 2017)

This 9 mb file wil install historical and current pro helmets from all professional leagues from the past 80 years! Thanks to Chris for creating the older leather helmets. The rest of the helmets were compiled by me from the MG Helmets website. The recent 2017 update was done to include the new Los Angeles Rams helmet.

AAFC Pro Helmets-Redo

Kimbo sent a redo of the AAFC helmets as well

(last updated January 17, 2017)

College Helmets 1960-2009

(last updated 1-17-2017)

This 6 mb file wil install historical and current college helmets that appear throughout the game. The college helmets only go through the 2009 season. If anyone wants to update this to include current helmets please submit them to me. This particular pack was compiled by Al Wilson and is taken from The Helmet Project. Recently Kimbo sent me an update of about 200+ college helmets that I updated as well.